The Luxury of Ultrasonics at Q.T. Dental

What Are Ultrasonics?

  • Ultrasonic scalers are instruments that use sonic energy to clean debris. These instruments have smaller tips that vibrate at high frequencies, which makes them highly effective at performing critical tasks around a tooth.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for most patient, however your medical history is essential to be updated as it may conflict with the use of ultrasonic waves.
  • Ultrasonic baths is usually used in our office, with special enzymes, to clean debris from our instrument before their sterilization.

Our use of ultrasonic instruments at Q.T. Dental is just one of the many ways we ensure that our patients get the best possible treatment. Give us a call at (905) 896-3622 or send us an email if you have any questions about the equipment we use or if you would like to set up an appointment.